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The Largest & Oldest
Association in Downtown


What is the Memphis Downtown Neighborhood Association?

"It is the purpose of the association to promote enjoyment and enhancement of downtown living. The association’s continued objective is to protect and enhance the quality of life in the downtown area. The association maintains and fosters a spirit of community for downtown residents, businesses, and visitors." 


"The Downtown Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, community organization that promotes the quality of life of Downtown Memphis, as well as safeguards it's unique ambiance. DNA has been there to help shape downtown into the livable, enjoyable neighborhood that it is today. Without those early visionaries and those that came after, who believed and fought for this neighborhood, we might not be here today. Without them, it certainly would be a very different place" - President Jerred Price


By becoming involved in DNA, you'll discover your strengths, build your network, and get on a first-name basis with city leaders. You will be connected in ways you can't even imagine.  Downtown is a never-ending work in progress. There is much to be done. Help us build a better neighborhood!

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